youth ministry

Ever since Pastor Lawson started pastoring at Brownington Center in the early 2000s, youth ministry has been central to our mission. We want to minister to families, and we believe that serving the youth of our community by offering engaging and relevant programs that put the gospel of Jesus Christ at the center is essential to meeting our goals. Here’s a glimpse at what we offer:

  • Children’s worship (ages 3-10) for our weekly services

  • Weekly youth programs throughout the school year

  • Summer camping for kids ages 5-18

  • A Christian school for k-8 grades


For 1st-6th Grade

Olympians, who are broken into three sub-groups (1st-2nd, 3rd-4th, 5th-6th) will still be having fun playing games, singing and engaging with each other, but the Bible will remain the center piece of their time with us.

The Olympian program offers students the opportunity to build new friendships, receive mentoring and discipleship from older Christians, and most importantly: learn about God and what he expects of us. For up-to-date information regarding the schedule, please see our events calendar.

Available at Brownington Center and Irasburg


For 7th-12th Grade

The Student program, known as NHSM (New Hope Student Ministries), is meant to engage with Jr. and Sr. High students in a way that helps them see the relevance of God’s Word, the importance of applying it to everyday life and the value of having a life-defining relationship with Jesus.

Like the Olympians, the Student program includes regular Bible teaching and opportunities for students to engage with their peers and Christian mentors. For up-to-date information regarding the schedule, please see our events calendar.

Available at Irasburg

What is a Night at New Hope Student Ministries Like?

here’s a glimpse

Children’s Worship

For Ages 3-10

New Hope offers Children’s worship to engage younger children while their parents enjoy the preaching in the main service. Children are dismissed after worship to the classroom where they can engage with an age appropriate Bible lesson and loving caregivers. Children can be picked up after the main service has ended or will be returned during the closing of the service.

Available at Brownington Center and Irasburg